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The online personal training at Total Body Makeover gets real results. Our brain-based approach takes into account both Mind and Body. Some call it holistic–we call it smart.

Total Body Makeover by Joel Levia online Personal training is comprised of elite fitness professionals with a variety of specialties including weight management, marathon conditioning, yoga, Pilates, boxing and kickboxing, post & prenatal, post- rehabiliition, meditation and more. You will have access to multiple trainers to insure you get well-rounded workouts. And our commitment to ongoing education keeps us ahead of the curve, so you don’t have to fuss with fads.

We go the distance. Our integrated approach to physical exercise, a clear mind and healthy eating habits will help you transform your mind and body.

Sign up is as easy is 1,2,3

1. Create an online profile and complete the PAR-Q health survey.
2. We will help you by designing a comprehensive fitness plan that best suits your goals.
3. Get a free 1 hour sample workout including fitness assessment (online or in-person)

For Online Training sessions, you need access to a computer, table or smartphone. Please give yourself at least 5 minutes to get set up and get online for your session.

We Recommend eating a healthy snack approximately 45 minutes before exercising. Meals should be eaten 2-3 hours prior to your workout.

Always have a bottle of water nearby so you can keep hydrated during your online Personal training workout session.
Wear comfortable athletic shoes, pants or shorts and tank top or t-shirt for an ideal workout experience.

Online Personal training with Total Body Make Over by Joel Levia will provide you the safest training experiences possible. Your PAR-Q survey provides information to our team on your health. If you believe this is for you come give our Online Personal training a try today.

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